The Audio Tour of Pikes Peak

If you’re inclined to learn more by listening instead of reading, consider purchasing a copy of the Audio Tour of Pikes Peak-America’s Mountain.Approximately 50 minutes in length, the audio tour presents historical, natural and geologic information about the mountain, the highway, the Cog Rail and significant historical events.

The audio tour is designed to be played as you drive on the Pikes Peak Highway from the tollgate to the summit, but you can just as easily listen to it from the comfort of your living room.


Get a copy of the Audio Tour of Pikes Peak

  • A CD of the Audio Tour of Pikes Peak-America’s Mountain may be purchased at the tollgate to the highway.
  • You may purchase and download the audio tour from iTunesAmazon.comCDBaby, and many other online music sources.

Audio Tour of Pikes Peak Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Ute Indians
  3. Foothills and Montane Zones
  4. Discovery
  5. Crystal Reservoir
  6. Gold Rush Days
  7. Pikes Peak Intl Hill Climb
  8. Sub Alpine Zone
  9. Geology
  10. Early Settlers
  11. Alpine Zone
  12. Mountain Management
  13. Mountain Trails
  14. Cog Railway
  15. Women on Pikes Peak
  16. The Summit