Frequently Asked Questions

To find out about today’s highway status, you can call the automated telephone service, which is updated as road conditions warrant. Call (719) 385-7325 and select option 1 for current road conditions.

Normally, assuming the weather allows, the Pikes Peak Highway is open year-round except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Pikes Peak administration has implemented a free shuttle service to take visitors to the summit. Parking for the shuttle is staged at Mile Marker 7 (just after Crystal Reservoir) and at Mile Marker 16 (Devil’s Playground). The shuttle runs from May to September. For more information please refer to the Pikes Peak Shuttle

If the highway is open to the top, the Summit House is generally also open … and serving donuts.

Pets are allowed on Pikes Peak and in the Pike National Forest as long as they are on a leash and properly controlled by their human(s). Only service animals are allowed in the concessions at Crystal Reservoir, Glen Cove and in the Summit Visitor Center.

RVs are normally allowed on the highway as long they do not exceed 19 feet (228 inches) in wheelbase or 24 feet in overall length.  However, due to the construction on the summit (and lack of parking), you may be asked to park large vehicles and take the shuttle instead.

Yes, several season passes are available. Check out Hours of Operation and Tollgate Fees

Sorry, no senior discounts are offered. However, discounted rates are offered to large groups, official military, and educational/scout discounted rates. All of these discounted rates require pre-approval.

See: Hours of Operation and Tollgate Fees

Seeing Big Foot is certainly unpredictable. However, you can see the Bigfoot Crossing sign shortly after the Crowe Gulch Picnic Grounds – just before Mile Marker 4.

Learn more about Big Foot on Pikes Peak.