About this site

Despite the significance of Pikes Peak to the many communities near this wonderful resource, there has never been one Web site where locals and visitors alike could find comprehensive information about all it has to offer. This Web site is intended to be just that – a comprehensive, user-engaging and informative Web site about Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain.

Our love of Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs started when we moved to the area in 2000. We first visited Garden of the Gods because it was so accessible. However, it didn’t take us very long to drive the Pikes Peak Highway to the summit. That was sweet! When out-of-state friends visited, we took them to the summit via the Cog Rail. Slowly but surely, we visited the many other attractions in the area including Seven Falls, the Air Force Academy, Royal Gorge, Cave of the Winds and more.

Over the next several months, we became fascinated with Pikes Peak. We started building our library of books, brochures and information about the area. We also started collecting memorabilia and ephemera including old postcards, flyers, photos and other artwork, as well as Pikes Peak coins, salt-and-pepper shakers, glasses and plates, and many other touristy things.

In 2001, we started writing down all we had learned Pikes Peak. That quickly transformed into what is now the “Audio Tour of Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain.” This 50-minute long recording is intended to give travelers on the Pikes Peak Highway an overview of historical, natural and geologic information as they drive to the summit. (By the way, if you’re interested in obtaining a copy, ask for it at the tollgate on the Pikes Peak Highway, or download it from iTunes or many other online music services.)

After collecting all this information and memorabilia, and after taking more than 50 trips to the summit of Pikes Peak, we decided to put our knowledge, photography and skills to use for a Web site about Pikes Peak – one that contains the most comprehensive and user-engaging content possible. You’re in the latest version of that site right now. (This is our fourth whole-site redesign.)

Finally, in 2011, we consolidated a lot of all this information and built the first (and only…so far) mobile app about Pikes Peak. (This app is no longer available.)

Between the audio tour, this web site and the mobile app, you can probably tell that we’re pretty fascinated by this national treasure in our own backyard. We are indeed. We wake up every day and enjoy the view of Pikes Peak. We want you and the rest of the world to enjoy this great resource, too!

If you have any stories, photos or videos about Pikes Peak that you would also like to share, or maybe you just want to comment on our efforts, please use the Contact Us page to let us know.

Thanks for visiting!