Shop and Eat

Crystal Reservoir Visitor’s Center

Just after Mile Marker 6, you’ll find the Crystal Reservoir Visitor Center and Gift Shop. From this location, you can hike a short trail or go fishing. During the summer months, you can also participate in ranger-led interpretive discussions. Opportunites to rent a paddle boat or row boat may also be available.

Glen Cove Inn

About halfway up the mountain, at Mile Marker 13, is the historic Glen Cove Inn. It offers a sizeable dining area with a wide selection of food, and a gift shop. During the summer months, you can also “pan for gold” or participate in rock climbing instruction. Across the highway from the Inn is plenty of parking. On the way down the Pikes Peak Highway, you will need to stop just short of Glen Cove so the Rangers can check your brake temperature. This is done to ensure your brakes are not overheated after descending the steeper parts of the highway.

The Pikes Peak Summit House

The Summit House welcomes all to 14,115 feet – almost three miles above sea level – whether you’ve arrived by train, by car or by foot. Inside, you’ll find a well-stocked gift shop and good selection of food including the world-famous and yummy Pikes Peak donuts – the only donuts made at an altitude over 14,000 feet. Other food includes burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, salads, desserts, coffee, tea, soft drinks and bottled water. Pikes Peak fudge is also available.