Videos of Pikes Peak

Modern | Historical

Modern Videos

The Summit of Pikes Peak in 360 degrees.

Using advanced stitching techniques and six GoPros, the summit of Pikes Peak is transformed into a 360-degree virutal reality experience.

Driving the Pikes Peak Highway in 2013 (at 2.5X Normal Speed)
(20:42) (

Driving Up the Pikes Peak Highway (at double speed or more) in 2009
(9:55) (

S├ębastien Loeb's Record Setting Pikes Peak Run in 2013
(9:10) (Red Bull)

Colorado Springs - Climbing Pikes Peak (17:43)

Pikes Peak at the Summit (5:28)

DVD Bonus Material from Finley Holiday Films - produced in 2009

Links to Pikes Peak Videos from SpringsTV Channel 18


Historical Footage

Pikes Peak Cog Railway in 1920 (2:09)
(Pikes Peak Library District)

Pikes Peak Cog Railway in 1936 (6:15)
(Pikes Peak Library District)

Helicopter Ride Up Pikes Peak in 1955 (9:49)
(Pikes Peak Library District)

1957 Pikes Peak Hill Climb (9:43)
(Pikes Peak Library District)

Off-Road Climb up Pikes Peak with Chevrolet truck in 1957 (9:50)
(Pikes Peak Library District)

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Historic Footage